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By: Webmaster | September 26, 2017

For some reason, you may need to change the letter that Windows 10 has assigned to your CD / DVD / Disk drive.

The process is most likely very similar for Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1, however I have not checked this.

To change the drive letter:

Step one:

Go to Computer Management.

In the start menu, search for Computer Management and click on the desktop app.

Step two:

Click on Disk Management on the left.

Step three:

Find your Disk reader, it may be called "DVD-ROM" or "CD-ROM". Right click it and select "Change Drive Letter and Paths..."


Step four:

Click on "Change".


Step five:

Under "Assign the following drive letter" select the letter your wish to use, and then select "OK".


Step six:

If a Warning message pops up, just acknowledge it.

You can always change the drive letter back if required.

Step seven:

Repeat for any other HDDs, SSDs, or disk readers, until they are all your desired letter, and you're done!

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